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Community Health Systems, the US hospital operator, said that Chinese hackers have stolen private information about 4.5m of its patients, the largest number of accounts compromised in such an attack, adding to long-running tensions between the two nations over cyber crime.美国医院运营商“社区卫生系统公司”(Community Health Systems)回应,中国黑客盗取了它的约450万患者的私人信息。这是同类反击中目前为止遭窃账户数量仅次于的,将更进一步激化美中两国在网络犯罪问题上的长年紧绷。


In a filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, the company said it believed its computer network was hacked in April and June this year.该公司周一在递交给美国证交会(SEC)的申报文件中回应,它坚信其电脑网络在今年4月和6月遭黑客入侵。It said that forensic experts believe the attack was carried out by a China-based group using advanced malware and technology, though it did not specify the name of the organisation it believes is responsible for the hack.该公司称之为,刑侦专家指出此次反击是由中国境内某个的组织用于先进设备的恶意软件和技术实行的,不过该公司未解释据信发动此次反击的的组织的名称。The theft is the largest of its kind in terms of the number of people affected, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, which has kept a list of breaches of unsecured protected health information since 2009.根据美国公共卫生与公众服务部(Department of Health and Human Services)的统计资料,就不受影响的人数而言,此次信息被盗是同类事件中目前为止规模仅次于的。


该部保留一份自2009年以来受保护身体健康信息遭窃的表格。The filing comes just months after the FBI warned that the healthcare industry is vulnerable to hacking due to lax cyber security systems.就在几个月前,美国联邦调查局(FBI)警告称之为,医疗行业很更容易受到黑客侵略,原因是网络安全系统虚弱。Community Health Systems operates or leases 206 hospitals in 29 states with approximately 31,100 licensed beds, making it one of the biggest US hospital groups.社区卫生系统公司在美国29个州运营或出租206家医院,享有大约3.11万持牌床位,是全美仅次于的医院集团之一。The patients affected, who were referred or received services from doctors affiliated with the company in the last five years, are being notified and the group says that the incident will not affect its financial performance.不受影响的患者是过去5年里被转介至北航于该公司的医生或从他们那里获得服务的人士。

该公司称之为,正在通报这些患者,同时这起事件会影响其财务业绩。In this case the Chinese group has taken patient identification data such as telephone numbers and social security numbers but not medical information, where the hackers have generally stolen intellectual property in the past.在本案中,中国的那个黑客的组织获得了患者的身份辨识数据,如电话号码和社保号码,但没获得病历信息,而过去中国黑客一般以知识产权为盗取目标。US officials have warned of a long-running Chinese campaign of industrial espionage that could threaten the country’s competitiveness, prompting the Obama administration to toughen its stance against hacking.美国官员警告称之为,中国正在展开一场长年的工业间谍活动,有可能威胁美国的竞争力,这促成奥巴马(Obama)政府对黑客活动采行更加严苛的立场。


Earlier this year, the US filed criminal charges against five Chinese military officers, accusing them of economic espionage. And last month the US charged a Chinese businessman with hacking into the computers of defence contractors to steal information about military aircraft.今年早些时候,美国对5名中国军官明确提出刑事指控,称之为他们专门从事经济间谍活动。上月美国对一名中国商人明确提出刑事指控,称之为其入侵防务承包商的电脑,盗取有关军用飞机的信息。Meanwhile, the Chinese view the US complaints as hypocritical. US tech companies have faced a crackdown in China following revelations by National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden that some US tech companies had co-operated with the NSA in spying.与此同时,中国指出美国的责怪是伪善的。自美国国家安全局(NSA)前合同工爱德华斯诺登(Edward Snowden)爆料称之为美国某些科技公司因应NSA专门从事间谍活动后,在华经营的美国高科技公司受到抨击。

Apple became entangled in the broader campaign against US tech companies earlier this month when China’s government banned its ministries and federal agencies from buying the company’s products.本月早些时候,苹果(Apple)被接踵而来针对美国高科技公司的更加普遍运动,中国政府禁令中央政府报送和机构出售该公司产品。Shares in Community Health Systems closed up 1.3 per cent on Monday at $51.66, having gained more than 25 per cent in the past six months.社区卫生系统公司股价周一收涨1.3%,至每股51.66美元,过去6个月总计下跌逾25%。









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